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Why do we pay for toys?

Playing with toilet paper

Honestly, why do we spend the money? This is a picture of my 3 oldest girls playing with toilet paper (clean, mind you) in the living room. They were using it like streamers and just having a blast.

Queen Lily

And Lily has it wrapped in her hair pretending to be a queen.

Who knew that toilet paper could be so fun?

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Reprocessing my boat

Yesterday I posted “Boat as Bow.” Burstmode, who takes absolutely beautiful flower photographs, commented. While I can’t retake the picture (it’s a long car ride back to Shawano), I can reprocess in Lightroom. So, here’s the reprocessed version.

negative_scan_200 reprocessed

And here is the original next to the reprocessed:

negative_scan_200 negative_scan_200 reprocessed
Original Reprocessed

When I compare the two side by side, I tend to like the reprocessed better. But, the original is more like what I remember, sort of (isn’t memory a funny thing). It was early morning when I took the photo, and there wasn’t that much contrast.

It all comes down to this being a matter of intent, right? I feel the original is more “accurate” to what I saw but the reprocessed has more punch. I have to say, I’m torn on this one. I’m not a “purist” by any stretch of the imagination. But, the mood I was trying to capture (whether I captured it or not is another debate) in the original seems wiped away with the higher contrast of the reprocessed photo.

Still, I like the reprocessed picture. Well, no one ever said you couldn’t contradict yourself. Any thoughts, ideas, or comments?

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Boat as Bow

Boat as Bow

This image makes me think of a bow when I see it. I’m not entirely sure that I composed this as optimally as possible though. Use more negative space? Don’t cut off the reflection of the mast? Hmmm.

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Stella on a Swing

negative_scan_13 toned
Stella on a Swing

This is a picture of my third child, Stella, on a swing. I shot this by pre-focusing to a set distance on the lens and then just waiting until I though she was in focus. This picture is several weeks old now and I was initially disappointed with the results due to the lack of sharpness. While I didn’t expect miracles I can still hope, right?

Anyhow, I’ve just recently purchased Lightroom and have been making the transition from Aperture to Lightroom. Last night I was importing my scans into the library and had just watched a tutorial on split toning in Lightroom. So I figured I’d play a bit.

I can say that I like this better than I did initially, but I’m still not sure about it.

Here’s the original un-toned negative scan:


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SoFoBoMo — Done!

I made it! I’m done with SoFoBoMo.

You can find my e-book here. If you take a moment to look at it, I’d appreciate any constructive criticism.

As this is my first project like this, it’s probably worthwhile to start a “lessons learned” list.

So, my lessons learned

  1. While my “general” idea of shadows was okay, I might have done a mid-way review to make sure that I was going to have cohesive material. This would also allow me to re-evaluate my theme and see if I’ve narrowed it by my shooting, or if I need to narrow it.
  2. If I’m going to print the pictures, I should do so right away and not wait for the final week. I’m sure this seems obvious to someone with lots of darkroom experience but for me, it was a lesson learned.
  3. Although I was warned about this, I still should have left more time for the layout work. I used Aperture’s book capability. It is okay. It’s really limited in fairly arbitrary ways though. So I should have been a bit more prepared with either trial runs or a backup plan.

A big hiccup (that I’d read about in passing) was the file size limit on the upload. Aperture wrote out a 36 Mbyte PDF. I could not find a way to work around this limitation within Aperture, though it’s probably an OSX limitation. My solution was to use the “Save PDF as TIFF” option. This saved all pages as individual TIFF files. Then I used Photoshop to create a “PDF Presentation” with the TIFF files created. Using a “High” value on the JPEG compression resulted in a PDF of only 6 Mbyte or so.

Anyhow, it’s done and so am I.

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SoFoBoMo Update

Flowers in the Morning

My personal SoFoBoMo started on May 8th. I’m 10 days into it and I’m not convinced that I’ll be able to make something cohesive out of my theme. I just developed 2 rolls of film tonight and will scan them tomorrow to see what I’ve got. I think that I managed to eek 7 or 8 possibles from the first roll. I’m definitely going to need all 6 rolls of film. In fact, I might have to supplement with digital (gasp!).

I guess that I’m just moving to a “pre-freak out” mind set. In another 10 days I’m sure that I’ll be right at the “freak out” mind set.

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Norah, Efke, and SoFoBoMo

From Norah’s Birth

Norah in the hospital

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. We just had baby Norah, our 4th child. She’s doing well and we’re all adjusting to having a new baby in the house.

Dang that droopy eye!

I finally got some more film too. I decided to follow I Heart Film‘s lead and try some Efke 100. He is using Efke 25, but I just can’t do that. ISO 25 would drive me crazy! I already notice the speed hit going from using Tri-X to Efke.

The picture above is my first developed roll. I developed in Rodinal 1:50 using semi-stand at 15 minutes. It seems a bit grainy compared to what I used to with Tri-X. But since this is a negative scan (as opposed to a print scan), that could be the reason. I’ve not (wet) printed any of these pictures yet so I can’t really judge my exposure or development time.

Finally, I’m participating in the SoFoBoMo. I hope that anyone interested in photography challenges themselves with this project. My theme (subject to change without notice, of course) is shadows. I’ve gotten some promising pictures on the first roll of Efke. I need a bit more cohesion to pull the whole theme together though.

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