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Color at Sunset

Prism at sunset

As the sun was setting, I saw some interesting colors in my daughter’s room. Nothing earth shattering, but I like the play of the colors and shadows.

Lamp heads

Wall Shadows

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And now for something completely different….



It’s been a long time. Maybe the long winter is getting to me, but I couldn’t resist shooting these flowers that Sarah brought home. And in color even! The nerve….


I do have some film waiting to be developed. I’ll be very interested how these turn out in B&W.

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Autumn in Champaign

Lily and I went to the Urbana arboretum to go photo exploring and just generally enjoy the weather. It’s been unseasonably warm this past week so this was our last hurrah.

Lily had a great time playing in the leaves and basically running around. We only lasted an hour, but it was a good one.

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