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Broccoli Shoots


I’ve been attending weekend gardening seminars. One class was cool weather crops. We were taught that broccoli can be planted before the last frost. So, I started some seeds. They’ve been doing well. It’s been about 10 days, and I will need to move these into larger peat pots.


3 plants at different sizes. They’ve all been in the jiffy pot for the same time, but some have just taken longer to germinate than the others.

I’m getting pretty excited about the garden this year. We’re planning on putting in a new raised bed and I’m anxious to start filling it. We haven’t figured out exactly what to put in it yet, but we’re working on it.

The next seeds planned are tomatoes and some herbs. We’re planning 3 types of tomatoes with different maturity dates so we’ll hopefully have ripe tomatoes most of the summer.

There will be a lot of learning this summer, but I’m excited to get into it.

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