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A Tale of Two Cameras

Lucy modeling for me.

I’m at a bit of a crossroads right now with respect to photography. You see, I like to use black and white film. I have made the decision that I’m done with my Pentax K1000, and it is time to replace it. And that’s where my dilemma lies.

I could get a Canon EOS film body (the EOS-3, to be exact) and then I’d get to re-use my lenses whether shooting digital or film. Very sensible. The one tiny issue is that, see, it’s fully automatic. Just like my digital. I’d sort of like to keep my film experience very, uh, non-automatic. In a discussion over the weekend, the suggestion was made to simply turn all that off and shoot fully manual. It’s a good theory, but I know myself well enough to know that I wouldn’t. I just couldn’t.

My other option is get a different camera. Like a medium format “different” camera. Probably a TLR as I’m cost sensitive. One problem is that my consumables cost really starts to take off. Medium format film is much more expensive than the bulk 35mm I’m using now. Another point is that, unless I get a Mamiya, I’m only using one lens forever on my medium format. Not the end of the world, but still….

I guess logically I would say “Get the Canon EOS body,” but there’s a side of me that wants to get a medium format rig and take it for a whirl.

And meanwhile, indecision is decision.

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Silo shot practice; Success and failure

A few weeks ago I decided to try an all white background shot. A diet coke can was the closest thing, so away I went.


First trial of coke can


The setup shot.

Looking at it a little closer, you could see the yellow from the saw horses reflecting in the top. Also, other bits of the room was being reflected in the can as well.

I posted the results to the flickr group for pro photo life. It was recommended to try making a light box for the can to avoid the reflections of the room.

I used a wardrobe from Target as my light box. It has a translucent white cover, which is perfect for my needs.


Second trial of coke can, in “light box”


And the setup shot

Fast forward a few weeks. I figured I’d try it again, but with a pitcher that my wife has. Things didn’t go as well….


I swear that I couldn’t see the light rust spots before I shot this picture. But they’re plain as day once you see pic up close. Also, I kept wondering why I was getting the dark stripe down the middle. It wasn’t until I got the picture off that I realized “duh!” it’s the lack of reflection! There are two white foam core cards on either side, given me the light color of metal on either side. However there’s a gap between the two that my camera is shooting through.

Well, some you win and some you lose, I suppose. Lesson learned. I’ve not re-shot the pitcher yet. Perhaps after I take some steel wool to it (or get a break from canning…) I’ll make some time.