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Why do we pay for toys?

Playing with toilet paper

Honestly, why do we spend the money? This is a picture of my 3 oldest girls playing with toilet paper (clean, mind you) in the living room. They were using it like streamers and just having a blast.

Queen Lily

And Lily has it wrapped in her hair pretending to be a queen.

Who knew that toilet paper could be so fun?

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Playing in the rain

From Fun at the park and in the rain
Don’t eat the mushrooms

We got hit with the vestiges of hurricane Ike, much like the rest of the midwest. Lucy was up for a bit of playing in the puddles, so out we went.

From Fun at the park and in the rain

We have a retention pond 1 block from our house and we decided to check it out.

From Fun at the park and in the rain

Suffice to say that the tree is not normally under water. I’d estimate that the pond was several feet higher than normal.

Fortunately, our sump pump was able to keep up. There was one point, though, where the water was coming in to the pit as fast as the pump could remove it. A bit scary, that. After all, what can you do?

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