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At the Park


Just some pictures of the girls at the park. The picture of Norah, below, makes her look a little cross-eyed (or boss-eyed from “The IT Crowd”).

It has occurred to me that Lucy seems to be missing from in front of my lens lately. I’ll have to try and grab a few more pictures of her.




Finally, our tulips are starting to bloom. It seems every house I see has tulips standing beautiful and fully open. Ours, not so much. I’m not bitter, really….

The weather has finally warmed up to the point that we all made it to the park last night. The kids had a great time.

Lucy spinning

I’m never really sure why spinning around as fast as you can is fun, but the kids love it.

..And Stella spinning; slower and with singing.

Stella had fun playing with the bubbles too. It was really windy though, so she wasn’t so much blowing bubbles as simply letting them go.

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Start of a Photo-A-Day, sort of….

This is my start of “A photo-a-day.” In practice, I’ll probably make it “a posted photo a day during the week.” I’ve been following a number of blogs for quite a while, and have admired the daily posting ability of the blog The Daily Photography of Andreas Manessinger

So, here’s to it.

My first picture today was taken this week at a local park (Meadowbrook Park in Urbana, IL). It was a tough day shooting. I went out over my lunch break, so I only had a bit of time. Within the first 5 minutes of arriving, I dropped a lens. Nuts! Fortunately, it was my old 135mm lens for my Pentax K1000, as opposed to something newer and more expensive. I’ve got a replacement coming from A used Pentax 135mm f/3.5. It’s supposed to be sharp, but I won’t know until I can shoot it myself. Until then it’s hope and pray.