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Weekend Favorite

This is, without a doubt, my favorite picture from this weekend. I’ve been trying to get a satisfying picture of that piano for quite some time. Turns out I had to put a little girl in front of it. Go figure.

A bit unusual for me lately, but no strobes used. It was a bit later in the afternoon so the sun was giving us the nice long shadows. I used a diffuser to soften the light on Stella.

Another one I like of Norah:

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Keyboard Reflections

Keyboard reflections
Keyboard reflections, alternate

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Piano at Sunset

IMG_20090222_11409 - Version 2.jpg
Piano at Sunset

Continuing with my playing with Chiaroscuro (or pseudo-chiaroscuro?), this is our piano at sunset. This was taken with my digital camera and processed (in Aperture) with the red filter for B&W conversion. I think that I like the “mini” direction this is moving in. I’ve got several shots that are waiting for me on film, but none with a red filter. I’ll need my tripod for that, and that will be a bit more challenging with the little ones (especially around dinner time).

IMG_20090222_11421 - Version 2.jpg
Piano at Sunset, detail

A detail shot of the music holder and shadow. Should I have tried this at a different angle? More dead on? Again, processed with the red filter during monochrome conversion.

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Searching for the muse

It’s been a tough week photographically. I’ve been struggling to get excited about shooting. I just can’t seem to find anything very interesting to stand in front of.

From Piano in the living room

We just got this piano about a month ago from our neighbor. They have since moved, and asked if we would get a quick picture of it for her. So I had a bit of an assignment.

It felt like every picture was a flop. Ugh!

But, I did manage to get a few keepers. I like the first picture, lens flare and all.

From Piano in the living room

A similar shot, but a bit darker. I really like the grass in the background, the blue of the sky, and the light on the piano. It’s my cup of tea.

Finally, the boring one:

From Piano in the living room

Not terribly interesting, but my neighbor will appreciate it.

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