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Pink Seamless Test

From Pink seamless test shots

Lucy, the soon to be birthday girl.

Saturday is Lucy’s birthday party. This is going to be a very “girl” focused party. Tea, finger sandwiches, princesses, crafts, pink everywhere, etc. One of the crafts is decorating a picture frame. My wife (bless her heart) thought it would be nice to get pictures of each of the girls and print them for their picture frame. Additionally, we’ll be having a princess stop by and want to get pictures of each girl with the princess.

From Pink seamless test shots

Stella wanted to show me her “mad” face.

In preparation of all this, I ordered a pink (actually “Carnation”) roll of seamless paper from Calumet. Last night the girls were kind enough to help me out as models. I got to try a few different lighting styles, they got to change costumes several times, and at the end they got a huge piece of paper to color on once I cut off the used piece of background paper.

From Pink seamless test shots
In my defense, Lily picked her own wardrobe.

This was my first time using a paper seamless background. I got the 53″ wide background as opposed to the 107″ roll. While it’s not a huge issue, I think I’d choose the 107″ roll next time. It’s a bit more freedom and I would then be able to get a group shot as well. The 53″ is fine for a single person and a shot of the princess and 1 child. But more than that and I’m pushing it.

Now we just have to work out the logistics of when to take the pictures. I need a decent amount of space. So does the craft table. So, there will have to be some shuffling.

All in all, I’m quite looking forward to this Saturday. It’ll be a fun challenge to shot a bunch of other people’s kids, process the pictures and print for the frames.

A few more selects….

From Pink seamless test shots

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Stella on a Swing

negative_scan_13 toned
Stella on a Swing

This is a picture of my third child, Stella, on a swing. I shot this by pre-focusing to a set distance on the lens and then just waiting until I though she was in focus. This picture is several weeks old now and I was initially disappointed with the results due to the lack of sharpness. While I didn’t expect miracles I can still hope, right?

Anyhow, I’ve just recently purchased Lightroom and have been making the transition from Aperture to Lightroom. Last night I was importing my scans into the library and had just watched a tutorial on split toning in Lightroom. So I figured I’d play a bit.

I can say that I like this better than I did initially, but I’m still not sure about it.

Here’s the original un-toned negative scan:


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Dock Life

Much of life at the lake is centered around the dock. It’s where we all congregate, fish, swim, and chat.

Running with towel

Little help?
Playing in the row boat

Tomorrow: Miscellaneous grab shots.

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Baseball at the Cottages


Baseball is popular with many of the cousins. The above is my daughter Lily batting, with her uncle pitching and cousin catching. She very much wants to compete with the boys. Earlier this year we got a bat for her (she’s using it in the picture) and several real baseballs so she could hit the ball hard.

The boys of summer

Finally, a random dock picture, just because I like it.

Renters dock at sunset

Tomorrow: Dock life.

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Playing around the lake

Bumps and Bruises

There were a few bumps and bruises, but luckily nothing serious. Here Lily got a cut while swimming, most likely from a shell on the bottom of the lake.


Lucy really enjoyed getting pushed on the swing by her uncle. She’s right at the age where she’s too big for these swings, but remembers them longingly. The swing is attached very securely and Lucy got to go “Super High.”

The Lake At Night

Finally, there were even a few minutes for a night time shot of the lake. Looks calm, but I was getting eaten alive!

Tomorrow, baseball.

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And We’re Back!


It’s been quite a while since my last post. It’s been a crazy few weeks with the baby and family vacation. I managed to get a few decent snaps over vacation so I’ll be posting them here a couple every day this week.

The bass above was caught by my sister-in-law and was on the top of the fishing table when we arrived.

Bloody knife (large)

I have to say that I find the above picture both humorous and interesting. I find the juxtaposition of the bloody knife and the smile (or apparent one anyway) to be sort of funny. I also find it interesting because of the children watching the proceedings. There’s a life lesson in there, and I’m sure each child will take their own lesson away from the experience.

More tomorrow….

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