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Black and White Ornamental Grass

More black and white.

I have recently received my copy of Lenswork Extended (number 78, I think) and enjoyed some sparse black and white still life pictures. So, along that vein, I decided to shoot some ornamental grass as still life.

Ornamental Grass - 1

These are taken with my digital camera. I’m very close to deciding to get the paraphernalia together to develop my own film, but I think it will be a month or two. Heck, it could be a total waste of time and energy but I guess that I’ll never know until I waste that time and energy.

Ornamental Grass - 3

Ornamental Grass - 2

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Preparing for Spring

From Carving Pumpkins and Preparing for Spring

We were planting bulbs this weekend, getting ready for spring.

From Carving Pumpkins and Preparing for Spring

It was a beautiful day. A bit windy, but not too cold.

From Carving Pumpkins and Preparing for Spring

The kids were having a great time helping out. For the most part everyone kept out of the mud, which was a minor miracle.

From Carving Pumpkins and Preparing for Spring

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I know that these are the same pictures as yesterday, but I think that I prefer the color over the black and white.


I’ll have to mull it over.


Random Black and White

Still exploring with the high ISO B&W out of the digital. I think that I’m getting close to actually developing my own B&W.

IMG_20081016_10180 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_20081016_10178 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_20081005_10066 - Version 2.jpg

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Closing Weekend

Sunrise on Lake Shawano

This past weekend was closing weekend at the cottages. It was a long weekend with lots of driving. The trip up is 6 1/2 hours if we don’t stop. With the kids (and, who am I kidding, me too) we need to stop at least once if not twice. This makes for a long drive of 7 to 8 hours.

Closing weekend is the weekend that all of the kids descend on the cabins to help get them ready for winter. The main attraction is removing the docks and boat ramps. Once that’s done, it can be a mishmash of whatever is left to do.

Morning grass

Even with all the work, it’s nice to see my in-laws. If only we didn’t have to make it a 1 day trip flanked by 7-8 hours of driving. Oy!

Stella by spin light

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Big ol’ pile of dirt

From Playing in the Mud
The dirt pile

We’ve been working for several days on our pile of dirt. To be more exact, we had 10 cubic yards of compost delivered. The idea was to spread some compost on our lawn after it had been core aerated. Well, 10 cubic yards is a lot of dirt.

The kids have been playing in the dirt while we move it and rake it.

From Playing in the Mud

While I know they have fun, it certainly can lead to a mess.

From Playing in the Mud

I hope that we don’t have too much left over. After all, what do you do to get rid of unwanted compost?

Just a sip for me

Just a sip for me

It’s been a dry few weeks for me. Really no new pictures for a while. This one (above) was from a trip to the park with the kids earlier this month.

Version 2 NR.jpg
Duck on Shawano Lake

I’ve been going through some of my pictures in August and September. One that sticks out is the one above. I’m not sure about this image. I sort of like it, but I’m not sure just how much, or why. I guess I’ll have to keep wondering.

Hopefully I’ll find some time and/or energy to get out during lunch and go shooting. There’s a cemetery near by that I though might make for some interesting pictures. I’m not entirely sure if there are any special considerations when shooting in a cemetery, but I guess that I’ll find out.