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Playing on the swingset

Our after dinner activity tonight: playing outside.


Waiting For Daisy Scouts to End

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Flowers In Your Hair

It all started with braids.

Lily asked her Mom for some “Heidi” braids. Once you’ve got braids, why not put some flowers in your hair, right? Of course, once the flowers are in your braids you’ll want a picture.

And once you start taking a picture of one kid, why not get the whole bunch in the mix?

You can look sweet, clown around, whatever….

Just have fun.

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Child photographer….Not so much

From Norah Proofs


Norah is now 3 weeks old. You’d think that getting a picture for a baby announcement would be a snap, but no such luck.

We did a little browsing on Flickr for some ideas. There are some really good baby pictures on Flickr. I, it seems, can’t make pictures like those. What I can get is a pseudo-portrait type picture. The above picture was taken with window light, shooting at f/2.8, ISO640-ish. I think that I need a bit more practice with my lights, as I just couldn’t seem to get a decent picture with them.

The above picture is my personal favorite for an announcement, but this….

From Norah Proofs


Seems a bit more fun to me. I bet that others in my household would disagree….

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SoFoBoMo Update

Flowers in the Morning

My personal SoFoBoMo started on May 8th. I’m 10 days into it and I’m not convinced that I’ll be able to make something cohesive out of my theme. I just developed 2 rolls of film tonight and will scan them tomorrow to see what I’ve got. I think that I managed to eek 7 or 8 possibles from the first roll. I’m definitely going to need all 6 rolls of film. In fact, I might have to supplement with digital (gasp!).

I guess that I’m just moving to a “pre-freak out” mind set. In another 10 days I’m sure that I’ll be right at the “freak out” mind set.

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Norah, Efke, and SoFoBoMo

From Norah’s Birth

Norah in the hospital

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. We just had baby Norah, our 4th child. She’s doing well and we’re all adjusting to having a new baby in the house.

Dang that droopy eye!

I finally got some more film too. I decided to follow I Heart Film‘s lead and try some Efke 100. He is using Efke 25, but I just can’t do that. ISO 25 would drive me crazy! I already notice the speed hit going from using Tri-X to Efke.

The picture above is my first developed roll. I developed in Rodinal 1:50 using semi-stand at 15 minutes. It seems a bit grainy compared to what I used to with Tri-X. But since this is a negative scan (as opposed to a print scan), that could be the reason. I’ve not (wet) printed any of these pictures yet so I can’t really judge my exposure or development time.

Finally, I’m participating in the SoFoBoMo. I hope that anyone interested in photography challenges themselves with this project. My theme (subject to change without notice, of course) is shadows. I’ve gotten some promising pictures on the first roll of Efke. I need a bit more cohesion to pull the whole theme together though.

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