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Lucy looking out the window (larger)

Continuing my trials with medium format, I wanted to try push processing. I am using TMAX 400 (TMY) and wanted to push it to ISO3200. When shooting around the house (especially in the winter), certainly 400 is too slow, and 1600 is pushing what I’m comfortable with hand-holding. Hence my desire for pushing to 3200.

Yes, I could use a bounce flash (sometimes) but I’ve not worked that out yet. Those are tests for a different roll.

I’d have to say that I’ve got mixed reactions. The picture above seemed to turn out okay. The contrast is definitely more that ISO400, but I think it’s okay.

Lily in the basement (larger)

The next picture is more typical of when I’d use a high speed push: in our basement. While there are several can lights in the ceiling, I meter to f/4 @ 1/30 (if I remember correctly) @ ISO 3200. It’s a high contrast pic, to be sure. I’m not terribly fond of the picture, but this just may be the overhead lighting and the subsequent shadows it produces on Lily’s face.

One aspect of shooting with the C330 is that I’ve only got full stops to work with. If I meter for anything in between, I invariably choose more light as opposed to less.

For what it’s worth, all of my development has been in XTOL replenished at stock strength. I’ve thought about trying XTOL 1:1 or 1:2, but that will burn through my developer pretty quickly. Using it replenished is very economical. 

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Reprocessing my boat

Yesterday I posted “Boat as Bow.” Burstmode, who takes absolutely beautiful flower photographs, commented. While I can’t retake the picture (it’s a long car ride back to Shawano), I can reprocess in Lightroom. So, here’s the reprocessed version.

negative_scan_200 reprocessed

And here is the original next to the reprocessed:

negative_scan_200 negative_scan_200 reprocessed
Original Reprocessed

When I compare the two side by side, I tend to like the reprocessed better. But, the original is more like what I remember, sort of (isn’t memory a funny thing). It was early morning when I took the photo, and there wasn’t that much contrast.

It all comes down to this being a matter of intent, right? I feel the original is more “accurate” to what I saw but the reprocessed has more punch. I have to say, I’m torn on this one. I’m not a “purist” by any stretch of the imagination. But, the mood I was trying to capture (whether I captured it or not is another debate) in the original seems wiped away with the higher contrast of the reprocessed photo.

Still, I like the reprocessed picture. Well, no one ever said you couldn’t contradict yourself. Any thoughts, ideas, or comments?

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Sailboat on Lake Shawano

Sailboat on Lake Shawano

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Random Film Shots

Stella by the Pool
Honestly, how is she standing? Stella’s straight, but nothing else is….

Norah in Sunlight
Lily making letters using her body
Norah finally sleeping

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Daisys in the Morning


It amazes me that I can go weeks without seeing anything (photographically, of course). Nothing. No muse, no desire to go out and try to kick start it and then, suddenly it’s there.

Now granted, this is sort of a running theme with me (long light on our kitchen table), but it still holds my interest.


Both of the daisy shots were with my digital SLR, converted to B&W in Lightroom via my attempt at a “Tri-X in Rodinal” preset. “Grain” was added via a photoshop droplet executed from inside Lightroom. Very handy, that.

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Stella on a Swing

negative_scan_13 toned
Stella on a Swing

This is a picture of my third child, Stella, on a swing. I shot this by pre-focusing to a set distance on the lens and then just waiting until I though she was in focus. This picture is several weeks old now and I was initially disappointed with the results due to the lack of sharpness. While I didn’t expect miracles I can still hope, right?

Anyhow, I’ve just recently purchased Lightroom and have been making the transition from Aperture to Lightroom. Last night I was importing my scans into the library and had just watched a tutorial on split toning in Lightroom. So I figured I’d play a bit.

I can say that I like this better than I did initially, but I’m still not sure about it.

Here’s the original un-toned negative scan:


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SoFoBoMo Finale

Employee Recycle Bin

This is one of my favorite pictures from my SoFoBoMo effort. It’s just my current fear / expectation / mindset at work showing through.

And of course this one….

Nick and Norah

Could be because I’m biased, but so be it.

I was fortunate enough to have an old friend review my PDF. He provided some excellent critique, telling me what I did right, what he thought was off, suggestions for improvements, etc. If I learned nothing else (though I did) that feedback was worth the effort.

After my crazy week of printing in the darkroom I’m pretty content skipping out on shooting for a few days. But, I sort of already want to take the feedback I’ve received and somehow work it in. Right now I’m a bit thin on ideas so I’ll have to work on that.

I need to take some time to go through the other SoFoBoMo projects. While I’ll probably just get jealous and wish I was a better shooter, I’m sure it will be educational and help me see what I could improve.

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