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Black and White Ornamental Grass

More black and white.

I have recently received my copy of Lenswork Extended (number 78, I think) and enjoyed some sparse black and white still life pictures. So, along that vein, I decided to shoot some ornamental grass as still life.

Ornamental Grass - 1

These are taken with my digital camera. I’m very close to deciding to get the paraphernalia together to develop my own film, but I think it will be a month or two. Heck, it could be a total waste of time and energy but I guess that I’ll never know until I waste that time and energy.

Ornamental Grass - 3

Ornamental Grass - 2

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It’s been two busy nights.

Canning still life

Last night we bought a pressure canner and decided to do a trial run on several pounds of rhubarb my parents had brought down from my grandparents house.

Since it’s the first time that I’ve ever canned, I was a bit frazzled. Everything went okay with the rhubarb. We now have 4 quarts of rhubarb preserved. I’m not entirely sure what we’ll do with the rhubarb yet. Perhaps once Christmas rolls around we’ll make a rhubarb pie. Yum….

Tonight was a tomato run. This was more work entirely. Peeling, dicing, canning. With 1 minute to go in the process I realized that I had forgot to put in the lemon juice. Nuts. The canner is cooling now. I’ll have to try to reprocess the tomatoes tomorrow.

I wanted a picture to denote canning, but didn’t want to spend all night on it (I already spent too much time messing with the setup for this one). So, this is what I could do. I’m not really happy with how the black turned out. I would have liked it darker. I bet that if I had spent a bit more time engineering the light, I could have figured it out.

Such is life. I’ll have to spend sometime later this week figuring it out.