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Lucy’s Shoes

Lucy’s shoes

Lucy has been sick today. She’s perky and animated one minute, throwing up the next. Since she was sick, she got to stay up a bit later and watch T.V. It made her day. Without a doubt, that’s her favorite activity. A genuine television junkie, that one.

Hopefully this will be a quick bout and tomorrow will have her back to full health.

Lucy’s shoes, in black

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Keyboard Reflections

Keyboard reflections
Keyboard reflections, alternate

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Color at Sunset

Prism at sunset

As the sun was setting, I saw some interesting colors in my daughter’s room. Nothing earth shattering, but I like the play of the colors and shadows.

Lamp heads

Wall Shadows

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One nut in the darkroom

One nut in the darkroom…Me

Well, it’s been pretty slow photographically. Mom and Dad were in town to help us paint Stella’s room so I wanted to print a picture for Dad. I was really pleased with how the picture turned out. Not only because I like the picture but becuase I was happy with the first printing. No muss, no fuss.

Stella and Dad Reading

I just used my last bit of the 100 foot roll of Tri-X, and it’s waiting to be developed now. I’m not sure if I should order more Tri-X or try a different film. I could also just stick with digital and save the cost entirely.

Pokey Puppy

Since I was using a new developer and new paper, I re-printed Stella and the Pokey Puppy too. I hope the weather changes soon, ’cause I need to stop printing and get out shooting. Sheesh….

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More Kids and Lights


You know, they are still my new toys. So, more kids and lights. Stella was being a really good model, and I managed to get a couple of good snaps of her.

Lucy, colorful

I wanted to try something a bit different (for me) and Lucy let me take a couple of snaps of her. I wanted to try using the colorful background and pushing the exposure on the skin a bit brighter than I normally would. This was shot at f/4.5, 1/250 with two strobes at 1/16th power each.

Table day bed

I did find some time to develop and print a couple of film pics too. This is Tri-X 400 pushed to EI3200. I developed it for about 45 minutes in Rodinal using semi-stand (5 min) agitation. It was very hard for me to print. I tried different grades of filters, but I was either blowing the highlights or just too flat. I finally tried split grade printing. I printed the highlights for 20 sec with a 00 filter, and the blacks for 8 sec or so with a grade 5 filter.

My guess is that I developed the film too long. A couple of the other pictures from the roll were much easier to print using a grade 2 filter for 16 seconds, so maybe not? Not too sure. Maybe this picture was just overexposed?

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