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Norah at 3 months


We decided to have an impromptu photo session for Norah this past Sunday. She’s now almost 4 months old, and experience tells us that this is a good time to get some good baby pictures.

These are my favorite “selects.” I’ve not edited this pictures, as evidenced by the background in the first two. Once we decide which we’re going to print, then I’ll do a final edit and clean up.

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Child photographer….Not so much

From Norah Proofs


Norah is now 3 weeks old. You’d think that getting a picture for a baby announcement would be a snap, but no such luck.

We did a little browsing on Flickr for some ideas. There are some really good baby pictures on Flickr. I, it seems, can’t make pictures like those. What I can get is a pseudo-portrait type picture. The above picture was taken with window light, shooting at f/2.8, ISO640-ish. I think that I need a bit more practice with my lights, as I just couldn’t seem to get a decent picture with them.

The above picture is my personal favorite for an announcement, but this….

From Norah Proofs


Seems a bit more fun to me. I bet that others in my household would disagree….

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