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Finally, our tulips are starting to bloom. It seems every house I see has tulips standing beautiful and fully open. Ours, not so much. I’m not bitter, really….

The weather has finally warmed up to the point that we all made it to the park last night. The kids had a great time.

Lucy spinning

I’m never really sure why spinning around as fast as you can is fun, but the kids love it.

..And Stella spinning; slower and with singing.

Stella had fun playing with the bubbles too. It was really windy though, so she wasn’t so much blowing bubbles as simply letting them go.

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And now for something completely different….



It’s been a long time. Maybe the long winter is getting to me, but I couldn’t resist shooting these flowers that Sarah brought home. And in color even! The nerve….


I do have some film waiting to be developed. I’ll be very interested how these turn out in B&W.

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