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Daisy Scout Adventure: Owl Time

I went with Lily on her Daisy Scout field trip to the Anita Purves Nature Center in Urbana, IL. The troop leaders had scheduled a presentation on owls. I’m sorry to say that I don’t remember the name of the little guy above, but I do remember being told that when the owl’s ears are back, it’s not happy. As we can see, this one was starting to get grumpy with me….

The girls were pretty attentive to our speaker. She discussed a few of the different owls found in our local area, owls special traits, and their silent feathers.

At the end all the girls got to dissect an owl pellet. An owl pellet is the remains of the owl’s dinner that it can’t digest. Anything that it can’t digest (bones and fur mostly) get thrown up as an owl pellet. I think that all of the parents were a bit skeptical about this activity, but the girls had a blast. The found many bones and one girl even found a complete skull. Everyone was pretty excited.

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