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Weekend Favorite

This is, without a doubt, my favorite picture from this weekend. I’ve been trying to get a satisfying picture of that piano for quite some time. Turns out I had to put a little girl in front of it. Go figure.

A bit unusual for me lately, but no strobes used. It was a bit later in the afternoon so the sun was giving us the nice long shadows. I used a diffuser to soften the light on Stella.

Another one I like of Norah:

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Stella’s Birthday Picture Progression

It’s been a slow month of shooting for me. I’ve been in the doldrums photographically speaking, and it’s been cold and snowy. I’ve been trying my hand at printing lately and that’s been okay, but doesn’t provide much in the way of new output.

We do try to get a birthday picture of each girl, so we’ll have a running memory when they’re older. Stella turned 3 on January 1st, and we need to get to snappin’. I had an idea to try and bury her in all of the girls stuffed animals (well, all that were available in the basement anyway).

Here was my first trial picture:


Zoomed in a bit to remove the carpet and get a bit closer to what I’d had in mind:


That was it for the day. I mulled it over and decided to pursue it just a bit more. So, the next day I tried a slightly different approach, with her against the wall and the animals all around her:


Then we went to lying down horizontally and again covered her (Please forgive the saturation, if that type of thing bugs you):


I thought things were going okay, but then Norah got involved:


I did manage to get her stabilized just a bit for a quick picture:


I’ve not settled on whether to continue with the stuffed animal approach or not. I think that I’d have to get a few more animals, and it would probably be good to put her on either the pink seamless or a white background. Really just something other than carpet or wall so that it looks a bit nicer if the animals don’t cover everything completely.

Winding down

Well, the holidays have come and gone. Now we’re winding down and easing back into normal life. We got our first snow storm, and the girls had fun playing outside…

…but only for a while.

We spent one night in Chicago and stayed in the Trump Tower. Very fancy-schmancy.

We had another Christmas at my parents house. The girls were pretty happy.

I got in a few pictures of the decorations around my parent’s house.

Norah had a good time on her first visit to Naperville. We stayed for New Year’s and had fun at my sister’s house. She was hosting the annual “table of crap.” We all get to pig out on all the junk food accumulated over the holidays.

We all had a great time, except her dog….

On to Milwaukee (just outside of it, actually) to have yet another Christmas. Yeash!

At least Norah was still holding up….

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Ornaments on the tree

Ah! Christmas is almost here. So, with that in mind, here are a few pictures from the past few days. This was all shot on TMAX 400 pushed to ISO3200.
Ornament pictures wouldn’t be complete without this requisite shot either….


Finally, some of our outside lights.

Scan-091222-0004 Scan-091222-0003

Happy Holidays everyone, and Merry Christmas!

Thanksgiving Prep

The table

I know (or believe) that most people looking at this picture are going to find it boring. It is my sister in-law’s dining room table being used as a staging area for preparing Thanksgiving dinner. I like this picture.

I’m not entirely sure why.

I think that there’s a play between the somewhat static overall appearance and the angles provided by the candlesticks and lights. I just can’t put my finger on it.

Anyhow, I also managed these somewhat more pedestrian shots from my in-law’s house:



I took several shots of the wine glasses, but couldn’t quite make the image that I had in my head. Rats.

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I’m a bit late on posting this, I’ll admit. I’ve got one roll of developed film to scan, and two to develop. As always, it’ll be a surprise to me to find out what I shot.

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Around the Sandbox

I developed a roll of film two days ago and yesterday was my first chance to look at the negs. I never remember what’s on one roll or the other. It’s a surprise every time. I remember seeing this picture. We were all around the sandbox in the backyard (with me lugging around my C330). At the time it was the reflection in her eyes that made me want to take a picture. Looking at it now, it seems to be a secondary draw in the picture. Luck favors the bold I suppose.


I also managed to grab this picture of Sarah and Norah. I quite like it. But, of course, I’m highly biased. I say grabbed, but really there’s no grabbing a shot with the Mamiya. It takes me forever to focus!


Finally, this was our attempt at a group shot. Suffice to say that I had many hostile models that morning.

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