Stella looking odd


Stella looking odd

Okay, I’ll grant you that she is looking a bit odd in this picture. And I’ll even grant you that given the black of her eyes you could even say she looks down right freaky. But I still like this picture. To me it’s got this sort of Victorian quality that I really can’t justify or describe. It’s just what I see I suppose. I’m definitely going to mark this one for printing. 


Shot on TMAX 400, 35mm.

  1. T-Max is such a nice film – very sharp. Amazing how fine-grained it is for a 400-speed film. I actually have one roll left. Wonder what I should use it for . . .

    • Nick
    • September 12th, 2010

    Well, I tend to use it on my kids, but I really need to start getting out more and get something else in front of my lens.

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