TLR under the lights


My final “test” roll of film through the TLR was to try it with the strobes. Lily was kind enough to be a cooperative model. I was concerned about depth of field, so I metered for f/11 off the camera left side of her face. If I remember correctly, the background was at f/5.6.

I’m not sure if the picture above is cute or goofy. I personally think it’s cute, but I’m the dad so there’s a natural bias. I believe that I asked her to open her eyes “super wide” for this picture.


We shot a total of 5 frames. After development, the film was scanned in and processed in Lightroom. The only processing was dust removal (“Out damned spot, out!”).

All in all I’d say I’m very happy with the TLR. If I were to do more portrait work with it, I should probably invest in the 180mm lens. I felt like I was too close when using the 80mm lens on these pictures.

There are two drawbacks that I can think of to this camera. First, once in a while I can’t quite get the picture focused. This is probably me, and not the camera though. Second, it’s *really* heavy. I’m not a small person, but lugging this thing around for “grab” shots can be painful. Such is life I suppose. I’d be willing to be that a medium format SLR wouldn’t have been much lighter.

  1. Nice details and dynamic range!!!

      • Nick
      • November 3rd, 2009

      Thanks Kelvin. I’m sure I’m not the first to notice this, but I find the detail out of the medium format negative quite incredible.

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