Bell Pepper Plant

And so the garden posts begin!

Now, I know that for most people they just plant either their seeds or plants and watch them grow and it’s not big deal. But I have to admit that I get a little giddy when my seeds actually grow. The mere fact that it work always sort of astounds me.

Lettuce Row

That being said, at work whenever we get back a part from manufacturing and it works, I’m giddy too. I guess it’s just the thrill of seeing something I’ve made (or planted in this case) actually doing what it’s supposed to do. Let’s not delve too deeply into the psychology there, okay?

Stowaway Pumpkin Plant

Lucy, my second daughter (the one mad in the pool in the previous post), managed to sneak a pumpkin seed into our raised bed. Low and behold, it’s growing like gangbusters. So, it looks like we may have our own pumpkin this year.

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