In recent discussions with a friend, we challenged each other. I had to take at least 5 pictures every day by Monday and self-edit down to my choice of the best 5. Hence 5 by 5 by Monday or 5x5xMonday. His challenge was to draw 5 sketches per day and cull to the 5 best for Monday. There was also a loose theme of fun (maybe it was funny; I don’t remember though).

Here are my 5. They’re all centered around kids, as that’s a major part of my life right now. Plus, who best do define “fun?”

Here I come!

_MG_5393 - Version 2
Not Happy!


Fighting Gravity

Spinning with Ceila

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  1. Yes! These are wonderful moments. Good photos to see on a Monday back at work.

      • Nick
      • June 15th, 2009

      Thanks Burstmode, I appreciate it. Hope you and your family are getting some R&R.

  2. Excellent photos! I agree! Perfect for a Monday! HERE I COME is my favorite, followed by the interesting layers of NOT HAPPY! Finally, FIGHTING GRAVITY is very unique. The title, and the potential for this theme are huge. Good work, man! I’m duly inspired to finish my 5!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE these and the clarity and energy of them! 😀

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