Lucy’s Shoes

Lucy’s shoes

Lucy has been sick today. She’s perky and animated one minute, throwing up the next. Since she was sick, she got to stay up a bit later and watch T.V. It made her day. Without a doubt, that’s her favorite activity. A genuine television junkie, that one.

Hopefully this will be a quick bout and tomorrow will have her back to full health.

Lucy’s shoes, in black

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  1. I hope she gets better soon. The shoes turned out great, I love how you arranged them. Little girl shoes are quite interesting and certainly colorful and bright, if nothing else!

      • Nick
      • March 19th, 2009

      She seems to be much better this morning. She has managed to hold down food and is chipper as normal. I thought the shoes would be a good exercise since, well, they’re just shoes. Anyhow, it was fun trying different angles, the gold reflector, the high key background, etc. Sort of a still life exploration.

    • sbjungels
    • April 15th, 2009

    I think Lucy would love a small copy of this picture. You know how much she absolutely loves these shoes.

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