One nut in the darkroom

One nut in the darkroom…Me

Well, it’s been pretty slow photographically. Mom and Dad were in town to help us paint Stella’s room so I wanted to print a picture for Dad. I was really pleased with how the picture turned out. Not only because I like the picture but becuase I was happy with the first printing. No muss, no fuss.

Stella and Dad Reading

I just used my last bit of the 100 foot roll of Tri-X, and it’s waiting to be developed now. I’m not sure if I should order more Tri-X or try a different film. I could also just stick with digital and save the cost entirely.

Pokey Puppy

Since I was using a new developer and new paper, I re-printed Stella and the Pokey Puppy too. I hope the weather changes soon, ’cause I need to stop printing and get out shooting. Sheesh….

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  1. Stella and Dad is a wonderful image. I love the tri-x and constantly hope some digital filter can truly capture it (oh, and the velvias).

      • Nick
      • March 12th, 2009

      Thanks. Have you looked at DxO Labs’ Film Pack software for film filters? I haven’t tried it, but it might be fun to compare now that I’ve got some Tri-X prints.

  2. Nick, ever tried Ilford Delta? Comes in 100 and 400. Amazing film.


  3. Actually, it also comes in 3200 (though I never cared for the stuff).


      • Nick
      • March 19th, 2009

      I shot a few rolls of Ilford delta before I had really settled / figured out a development regime. I honestly have no opinion of them. Can you elaborate on why you like the 100/400 vs. the 3200? Also, in your experience, how does it compare to Tri-X? Perhaps a good topic for a post….

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