Prints from Summer vacation

Life Buoy
Life Buoy

Going through my negatives, I found these two that I wanted to print. The one above, “Life Buoy” was particularly difficult on me. I’d like to get the water on the top to have a bit more detail, but I’m pretty happy with the rest of the picture’s tones. Since I’m still pretty new, I’m not 100% sure how to go about this. Should I burn it in? Try pre-flashing? Just leave it alone? Hmmm.

Stella Magnified
Stella Magnified

I think that I’m pretty happy with Stella Magnified. I think that it might be about 1/2 stop light, but I’m mostly okay with it.

One thing that is not obvious from these scans is that the pictures are askew on the paper. I printed at 6×9 on 8×10 paper. I can’t seem to align the paper correctly. Bummer. I’m using an easel, but something’s just not working.

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