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Searching for the muse

It’s been a tough week photographically. I’ve been struggling to get excited about shooting. I just can’t seem to find anything very interesting to stand in front of.

From Piano in the living room

We just got this piano about a month ago from our neighbor. They have since moved, and asked if we would get a quick picture of it for her. So I had a bit of an assignment.

It felt like every picture was a flop. Ugh!

But, I did manage to get a few keepers. I like the first picture, lens flare and all.

From Piano in the living room

A similar shot, but a bit darker. I really like the grass in the background, the blue of the sky, and the light on the piano. It’s my cup of tea.

Finally, the boring one:

From Piano in the living room

Not terribly interesting, but my neighbor will appreciate it.

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