Afternoon Walk

Recently I went for an afternoon walk. There are some paved walking trails near my office. About half way through the walk, we happened to see this person heading back to their office.

Afternoon Walk
Afternoon Walk

I guess he wanted an afternoon sabbatical as well, but it just seems odd to me. Perhaps after spending the money on a Segway, you want to justify it’s usefulness. Kind of misses the point, in my opinion.

Update: Apparently I was being a bit to quick on the judgement front. From the comments below, there was a valid medical reason. Mea Culpa.


Later that day I noticed this shell in my backyard.



Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly?

I’m not sure what it is, but it’s wings make an interesting pattern.



Finally, one more tomato picture from the garden. I’m still not sure why I’m drawn to the tomato plants. But I keep shooting, for better or worse.



Tomatoes in the garden
Tomatoes in the garden

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    • carolyn
    • October 4th, 2008

    Hi, I know that person and he has a condition that prohibits long(er) walking. I don’t really want to talk about his private medical issues here, but he bought it so he COULD go for a “walk” anytime he wants. He’d probably tell you all about it if you stopped to talk to him, and he’d teach you how to use the segway too! It’s fun!

    • Nick
    • October 5th, 2008

    Mea Culpa.

    Serves me right for assuming the worst about humanity.

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