Silo shot practice; Success and failure

A few weeks ago I decided to try an all white background shot. A diet coke can was the closest thing, so away I went.


First trial of coke can


The setup shot.

Looking at it a little closer, you could see the yellow from the saw horses reflecting in the top. Also, other bits of the room was being reflected in the can as well.

I posted the results to the flickr group for pro photo life. It was recommended to try making a light box for the can to avoid the reflections of the room.

I used a wardrobe from Target as my light box. It has a translucent white cover, which is perfect for my needs.


Second trial of coke can, in “light box”


And the setup shot

Fast forward a few weeks. I figured I’d try it again, but with a pitcher that my wife has. Things didn’t go as well….


I swear that I couldn’t see the light rust spots before I shot this picture. But they’re plain as day once you see pic up close. Also, I kept wondering why I was getting the dark stripe down the middle. It wasn’t until I got the picture off that I realized “duh!” it’s the lack of reflection! There are two white foam core cards on either side, given me the light color of metal on either side. However there’s a gap between the two that my camera is shooting through.

Well, some you win and some you lose, I suppose. Lesson learned. I’ve not re-shot the pitcher yet. Perhaps after I take some steel wool to it (or get a break from canning…) I’ll make some time.

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